Estate Agents Free Valuation

The Valuation of a Property Is Critical

Buying, selling, and renting property in London, UK is a challenging prospect. As one of the most desirable places to live in the world, there are often plenty of people looking to buy a home here. Yet, making the decision to sell your existing home can be a challenging one. You have to consider the value of selling now or waiting. No matter what your goal is, it helps to have an agent by your side to provide guidance and to help you reduce the risk of making a costly mistake. Our team at RE/MAX Key Properties can help you start with the valuation.


What Is Your Home Worth?


If you plan to sell your home and buy another one in the area, you need to know what your home will get for you if you listed it today. If you plan to move, but you do not want to sell, you can rent the property out. Yet, it helps to know what you can expect if you let the home in terms of rental value. All of this is done by obtaining a valuation of the property.


When you work with our team of estate agents free valuation is always provided. That means that we will look over your home, use our tools to develop an analysis of the area around your property, and give you an accurate estimation of the value of your home both of you sold it and if you let it. With our estate agents free valuation, you can then make the best decision about remaining where you are, buying a new home, or renting out your existing property. Take the time to speak to our team to learn more about your home. We are happy to answer each one of your questions and provide a no-obligation estimate on the home you own.